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tv   Noticias Mundo Fox  KCNS  January 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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in d4 to know about your negotiation, when they called him to tell him about the mission to catch you and about the kidnapping. if you spoke with your contact, i can turn myself in, because nothing will happen to my family. they'll protect them. they won't negotiate with you. that's hard. why? i need three days... but... i think we'd better leave. sandoval must be thinking about killing us, alicia. you intend to escape from here? no. sandoval has just threatened my family. we must take advantage that he needs money and needs us to move it. we can gain some time. perfect, if he needs us to transfer his money, from miami, let's do so and get away once and for all. how will we do that?
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que aquĆ­ viene el chipotle chicken & cheese -- el featured five dollar footlong de enero.
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ipruƩbalo en tostadito flatbread con salsa chipotle southwest ahumada! el featured five dollar footlong del mes. solo en enero. subway. come sabroso y fresco.
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